Residential Solar

Harness the power of the sun and start reducing your utility bills with clean, renewable energy. Solar will help reduce your home’s carbon footprint and decrease your dependence on the “grid.”

How Solar Power Works


Photovoltaic or PV for short. These produce electricity from the Sun’s energy.


This changes the electricity from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) which is the electricity we use to power our lights and household appliances

Production Meter

The measures and records the amount of electricity generated by the panels prior to it being used in your home.

Breaker Box

All Electricity generated by the Solar PV system goes directly into your electrical panel for immediate use to power your lights and household appliances.

Utility Meter

Any unused electricity goes out to the grid and your meter will spin backward, crediting your account with your utility company.

Solar in Pittsburgh

A 5kW solar array will generate 88% of what it would produce in Florida. Pittsburgh: 6,152 kWh, Florida: 7,002 kWh

The Enphase System

The original Microinverter that
converts DC to AC at each solar
panel. Saves room in your house
with NO Inverter to mount. on
your wall. Everything is on the
roof under the solar panels.
25-Year Warranty

Enphase Warranty

Solar Edge

The popular hybrid that uses
Optimizers and a String Inverter
to manage DC voltages and
currents to Maximize Energy
Production! You can even
see the production of each
individual solar panel.
12-Year Warranty

Solar Edge Warranty


No Trees in your yard? No
shade on your roof ? The
Fronius string inverter provides
all the power you need
without the added cost of
mitigating shade .
The simple & affordable
10-Year Warranty

Fronius Warranty

Monitoring and Interactive Display

MasterKeyTM will send you daily automated project updates via email from the jobsite.
Gain peace of mind by watching your roof installation, without ever having to climb a ladder.

What Our Customers are Saying

“My number one reason to go with solar power was my need to be more self-sufficient and not to rely on the power company (or to pay them!). I chose Scalo Solar because they are a local, well respected company. I also wanted local support and service. My 7kw system supplies about 2/3 of my electrical needs and has reduced my electric bill respectively. The OPM reports were great because I was on vacation for part of the installation and it was nice to see the progress even when I wasn’t home. The online and mobile app monitoring of the system is a great bonus feature that I did not expect to be as useful as it is. Thanks!!!”

– Kirk S

What Our Customers are Saying

“In 2016, my wife and I decide to move to solar because we want to shrink our footprint. Additionally, we want to support a growing industry at a time when momentum is picking up for solar energy. By “buying in” we are supporting the continued research and development that is making solar more affordable and equitable. Our system is apporximately 6.8MWh which fully offsets our house and Nissan Leaf. After looking at a few options of providers, we ended up going with Scalo Solar because we were replacing our roof at the same time. The two teams worked seamlessly in project management. The OPMs allowed us to monitor daily work by both teams and keep a journal. At completion, we have been 100% satisfied with Scalo Solar and the energy being produced everyday. I would highly recommend the work of Phil Long and his team. Go SOLAR!!!!“

– Eric L

What Our Customers are Saying

“I first installed some solar panels 10 years ago, (2 kW) because I wanted to reduce my use of fossil fuels to operate my house. Now, 10 years later, the technology has improved so much that for about the same price, and a somewhat smaller footprint on my roof, I have added nearly three times more capacity, for a total of just under 8 kW of solar power with both parts.

Scalo Solar was prompt in replying to my request for information, and provided excellent and detailed options that I could choose from. The plan was specific to my situation and included lots of information about the costs and the various types of panels and inverters I could choose from. Installation went smoothly and any issues that arose were dealt with promptly and professionally. I am very pleased with the process and with the end result. In the three months or so that the system has been in operation, it has exceeded my expectations. Even in the short days and low sun angle of late fall I am generating more electricity than I use on a daily basis. Next summer should be awesome!”

– Sarah Q

What Our Customers are Saying

“Our reasons for moving to solar were to reduce our power bill and be more environmentally responsible. We chose Scalo Solar because we bundled a new roof with our solar package in order to maximize the tax incentive. Our system is 21 360W panels. It has cut our power bill in half during the summer months. Scalo Solar did a great job of communicating with us on the progress of our project from start to finish. Once the installation started, the work was done professionally and quickly. We were very impressed with both the roof and solar installation. “

– Sarah Q

What Our Customers are Saying

“For several years, we had been considering going to solar power for both the economic benefits as well as the green factor. We wanted to choose a company that was reliable and trustworthy in both solar and roofing so as not to have any future problems with this switch. We decided on Burns and Scalo after meeting with Phil Long and Laura Quinn on several occasions. Our system consists of nineteen panels with peak power of 5.795 kWp. The entire process from installation to activation went smoothly with daily progress photos sent to our email address. No other company that has done work for us has ever done this for us which we thought was a nice personal touch. Our monthly bill now for the most part is only the meter fees charged by Duquesne Light since we are generating more than we use. This has taken the bill from around $85-$95 monthly on the budget plan to $13-$15 for most months, even during summer with the ac running more often. We are extremely satisfied with the switch to solar and with Burns and Scalo as the installer. We would highly recommend this company, and Phil and Laura, to anyone wanting to go green as we did.“

– Carolyn S

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Let's Get Started

Contact us for information to see if you qualify as a strong solar candidate, have questions about products or services, or would like to hear from a solar representative for any reason. Just ask, and we'll be in touch.