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Our customers are unique and so is our approach to every project. We partner with our clients to understand their complete landscape in respect to sustainability strategy, project specifications, and resources.

After understanding these, we employ our comprehensive strength areas of financial engineering, solar design, and integration to walk you through renewable energy solutions with one goal: to exceed your expectations.

Car Ports

Solar Tree


Standing Seam

Ground Mount Solar

Flat Roof

Carport Solar

Carport Solar takes advantage of all the wasted space in your parking lot and provides valuable shade to your employees, clients or partrons. These heavy Duty Structures are built for a 20-30 year lifespan. Scalo Solar can incorporate LED lighting under them for safety and even the addition of Electric Vehicle (EV) car chargers. Available in Standard and Bifacial.

Shades & Canopies

Solar Canopies can be used to replace a typical architectural canopy next to a building that provides the shade and environment you are looking for with the added aesthetics and function of producing solar energy. Solar Window Shades can also be integrated into new construction to accomplish this as well. Also available in standard and bifacial.

Ground Mount

If you have more land than roof, a Ground Mount System may be for you. These structures can be cemented or earth-augered into your landscape. Ground mounts can be long linear arrays or a small pole-top fixture with just a few panels. Power from these arrays must be trenched back to your building’s electrical system.  

Solar Trees

Spotlight Solar Trees give business owners the added attention that a rooftop array never will. This highly visible, artistic design is available in a number of configurations, and can be customized with your company colors, logos and even signage. Solar Trees are a true centerpiece to all of your sustainability efforts that people will never see.

Standing Seam Roof

Solar panels are regularly added to standing seam metal roofs with a simple warrantied attachment called an S-5 clamp. These clamps pinch the standing seam without having to make any penetrations into your new metal roof. This is the perfect example of why you need a roofing company to install your solar panels. Only we can warranty both.

Flat Roofs

Commercial Flat Roofs are they most common location for solar modules.  They are built on extruded aluminum structures and stainless steel hardware and can be ballasted in place with no penetrations. We maintain clearances for rooftop equipment, skylights and perimeter for safety. Available in standard panels for EPDM roofs or Bifcials with TPO roofs. This type of installation has the fastest ROI in the industry, in as little as 3 years.

Three Steps to Solar

1. Financial Engineering

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It Step 1. Financial Engineering.

Our team will build a custom comprehensive financial analysis to help determine your most feasible financial direction, based on what’s most important to you - these factors include:

• Size of Array • Energy Production
• Cost • Tax Benefits

Once you decide which area you’d like to focus, we will walk you through a detailed and accurate assessment of that area.

Have Solar? Take Credit

Ask us about the 30% Federal Tax Credit, 5-Year Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery, Solar Renewable Energy Credits, Energy Savings, Financial Benefits of Roof/Solar Installer

2. Solar Design

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Step 2. Solar Design

Our team will build a custom design break down, specifying the options available to you based on the type of roof and environmental factors.

Here we will work to maximize the area of your roof to create the most efficient layout based on your specific goals.
We at Scalo Solar, have experience in all facets of photovoltaics including design, product selection/sourcing, and innovation. To fully understand our products and their impact; we own, display, and test a variety of PV systems at our facility (show HQ Sunscape photo).

Our diversity and skill set allows us to create custom-tailored photovoltaic solutions from an international pool of solar technologies and manufacturers.

3. Integration

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Step 3. Integration

Full system integration will leave you with a process managed from start to finish.

Our team will perform electrical connections, installation, and financial modeling for a turn-key solar project that makes both environmental and financial sense.

Unlike our competitors, the backbone of our team has over 60 years of experience in the roofing industry, which makes us the ideal installers for your rooftop system and ability to provide you with a PV-ready roof system.

What Our Customers are Saying

“I recognize and appreciate the efforts of the Scalo Solar Solutions team for working so diligently with the Giant Eagle team to meet all critical deadlines. The project went very well, and I am thankful for the work they have done.”

– Shelly Sponholz
Sr. VP,  Real Estate and Asset Management
Giant Eagle, Inc.

What Our Customers are Saying

“The Sunscape Demonstration project shows the rest of the country how we can make sustainable roofs affordable on all types of buildings”

– Tom Bell
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA)

What Our Customers are Saying

“Scalo Solar Solutions is a valuable partner to Goodwill. Our joint commitment to the environment and their creative financial analysis made solar possible for our new, environmentally-friendly flagship store. Furthermore, they worked within our aggressive deadline for opening and had the project commissioned ahead of schedule.”

-Mike Smith
Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It.

We make it our mission to find innovative solutions to our client’s rooftop needs. With over 60 years in the business of providing rooftop solutions, chances are we've seen it before.

If you’re not sure if solar works on your building.

Our Commercial Services



Monitoring & Interactive Displays

“According to a 2014 survey by Nielsen, 67% of respondents prefer to work for a socially responsible company, and according to a recent survey by Deloitte, 50% of millennials want to work for a company with ethical practices.” –FAST COMPANYInteractive display monitors on your website or in your lobby are a great way to communicate your sustainable corporate mission to customers, employees, and potential employees. Hire and retain top talent as you create an edge over your competitors.
We offer a monitoring solution that creates a strong visual statement and can educate and interact with your guests.

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