Our Services



Cuddy Roofing now offers a full range of sustainable exterior building envelope systems including vegetative roof gardens, green walls, day lighting, metal wall panels, air barriers, sun shades, louvers and solar panels. As a Certified Green Roof Professional (GRP) we can provide you with the right energy solutions for all six sides of your exterior building envelope.


Commercial roofing is our largest and most diverse service segment offering a wide range of capabilities, including new installations, retrofit of existing installations, and tear-offs. We make sure expert care is given to each detail to ensure a seamless workflow from the drawing board to the last roof nail.


Metal roofing is a specialty at Cuddy Roofing. We specialize in high-end architectural and structural applications including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and zinc metal installations. Cuddy operates a fully equipped, computerized sheet metal shop. We perform on-site roll forming of metal panels and seamless gutters, as well as soldering and welding applications.


Accidents happen. Unpredictable weather conditions occur. Routine wear-and-tear can eventually cause an unexpected leak. Our specially trained repair crews and experienced technical staff are available to quickly assess the situation and handle any emergency that might arise. Whether nature has unleashed its elements, an accident has occurred, or an aging roof has caused an unexpected leak problem, we are prepared to handle the job quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.


When it comes to keeping interiors dry, Cuddy performs more than just roofing – we provide waterproofing for your entire building envelope. We are experts in handling waterproofing and moisture protection of foundations, interior floors, fountains and terrace or plaza decks, in addition to your roof.